Accounting Advice

Professional Accounting Advice in Brisbane

The professional and fully qualified team at Peekay offers expert accounting advice in all aspects of your business. Seeking professional advice will enable you to make informed business decisions and take the best action to improve your business. We specialise in working with you, as a team, to make timely decisions and guide you to the best possible course of action.

Full Range of Advisory Services

At Peekay we offer professional accounting advice in many forms. You may choose to take advantage of our expert advice in the form of:

Ad hoc requests
Monthly meetings
Business advice

The Peekay team is here to discuss ideas, queries, issues and opportunities so that you can ensure that your business realises its full potential.


Personalised Accounting Advice

No two clients are exactly the same, so we take the time to ensure that our advice is specific to your unique circumstances. A Peekay advisor will always aim to gain a complete understanding of your specific needs and goals. This will enable us to help you establish your priorities and develop and action plan that is customised to suit your individual business needs.

Starting or Buying a Business

When you are starting or buying a business it is essential that you get professional advice. At Peekay we will advise you every step of the way:

Initial meeting to establish needs, goals, priorities and an action plan

Regular or ad hoc meetings to keep you focused and on track

Understanding business structures and the associated risks

Business plans

Business models

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