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well planned and executed implementation of your cloud based systems will ensure minimal disruption to your business, staff and customers.

Once the technical integration and setup of your cloud application is complete, and your staff have been prepared with some introductory training, we can schedule an implementation day. This is imperative for any of your complex operations dependant applications, such as Point of Sale or inventory management.

On the day, our certified advisors will be on-site for an in-depth training, support and Q&A session. During this time we can also provide custom procedural guides for the application and unique processes within your business.

What’s in a Systems Implementation?

Planned Implementation Day

Our advisors will be on-site the day you begin using your cloud application in your business, ensuring any issues or queries are promptly resolved to minimise any disruptions.

Advanced Training

We’ll provide your staff with further in-depth training on the cloud application, including any unique systems and processes for your business.

Custom Procedural Guides

How each business utilises their cloud applications is different depending on their own internal processes, and often the standard support documentation does not cover these requirements. As part of the Systems Implementation, our cloud integrators will provide step-by-step procedural guides on these particular processes.

Comprehensive Support

Concluding your Implementation Day, we’ll continue to support your business and it’s staff. Our advisors will be available by phone or email to answer your queries for up to (2) weeks. Thereafter we will also provide you with (6) weeks of our Staff Support Plan which you may opt to continue to ensure minimal disruption as unforeseen queries arise in the future.


Peekay Cloud Integrators are certified advisors and training specialists for a wide range of cloud computing applications and are ready to help your business and its staff with your migration to cloud computing.

Systems Review

Understanding your unique requirements

The Systems Review is a comprehensive analysis and overhaul of your existing operating systems and assessment of your business’ suitability to convert to a cloud based eco-system. Read More…

Cloud Integration

Technical configuration and setup of your applications

A Cloud Integration involves the technical configuration and setup of your application, including the connection of API enabled applications for exchange of information. Read More…

System Implementation

Managed implementation of your cloud applications

Once the technical integration and introductory training is complete, we then schedule an implementation day for your complex applications with certified advisors on-site for a in-depth training, support and Q&A session. During this time we can also provide custom procedural guides for per your unique requirements. A well planned and executed implementation will ensure minimal disruption to your business, staff and customers.Read More…

Staff Support Plan

Ongoing assistance for your team

The NBC Staff Support Plan is available as extra ongoing assistance or your staff, with our experts and knowledge being available by phone, remote support and email. Adopting a support plan package will ensure minimal loss of efficiencies within your business as unforeseen queries arise during the first months of implementing applications. Read More…

Staff Training

Ready your staff for the switch to cloud

To ensure a smooth transition to any application within your business, it is imperative that your staff are prepared. Our team of cloud experts can help ready your team for the implementation of a wide range of cloud services and applications. Read More…

Completion & Feedback

Ensuring your satisfaction with NBC

At the conclusion of the System Implementation process, we will schedule a time with you to review our own performance and ensure your satisfaction with services rendered.

Call or email to arrange a meeting…

Our Cloud Integrators will meet with you and together we will take the time to understand your unique needs and goals.

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